Greedy Reads Tote
Greedy Reads Tote

Greedy Reads Tote

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I was hired by Julia to design a tote bag for her Baltimore based bookshop, Greedy Reads.

I can't actually remember how this went down, but I'm pretty sure I had wanted to make this illustration for a while. At some point, Heidi caught wind that Julia wanted a new tote design and insta-blurted, "DUSTIN WILL MAKE IT FOR YOU"

I made the black & white version the old fashioned way; pen & ink on murdered-tree paper. The framed original is hanging up in her shop. 

I couldn't resist coloring the drawing so I did and Julia later used that for an ad in Sagamore Pendry's magazine.

Greedy Reads is an independent bookstore in Fells Point, Baltimore. It's a neighborhood favorite. Also, everybody loves Julia. She's so coooool!

Go check out the Greedy Reads Instagram page. Julia is always posting about new books, award winners, community events, bookclubs, and, and, and!

Created July, 2018
Line art: Ink & Paper
Colors: Photoshop