About Me

Hi! Welcome to DecidedlyDusty.com!

I'm Dustin: jazz musician by day for the U.S. Army (WHAT) and by mid-afternoon a graphic artist and the creator of this site (and everything you see on it).

I originally launched this site in 2014 as a storefront for Musicomic.com, my webcomic about music, musicians, and everything I find funny about them.

My artistic interests have shifted and grown a lot since then and I no long update Musicomic.com but I still make a lot of art - more than ever actually. Here are a few of my recent projects:

+ From 2017-2018 I worked as colorist and letterer on Scout Comic's Smoketown comic series with writer, Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist, Scott Van Domelan. The gritty noir tale stretched over 8 issues and is available at all comic retailers.

+ In 2018 I worked as artist, colorist, and letterer on Star Stuff - a short story created with my brother and writer, Nate Mollick, for and about my late wife, Shannon Fearon Mollick. Star Stuff tells the fictional story of a young Shannon finding her first instrument, the bass. It's available to read or download for free.

Some of my influences:
Jake Parker
Simone Grunewald
Skottie Young
Noelle Stevenson
K. Michael Russell
Marte Gracia
Bill Watterson
Will Eisner
Griz & Norm
Etherington Brothers
Kate Beaton

When I'm not playing saxophone or drawing, I am hanging out in Baltimore with my best friend and wife, Heidi, and our two dogs, Raider (Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner ) and Bowser (150lb Newfoundland).