Kristin & Jack
Kristin & Jack

Kristin & Jack

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My good friends, Kristin & Jack, lived in Baltimore before Heidi and I moved there. We came in to the city many times to visit them and to drop Raider (Heidi's dog) off while we left on tours for the Army. Heidi called them "Raider's tour parents."

We met up with Kristin at a yoga retreat in Vermont in September of 2017 and I wanted to make them a going away gift as they had recently moved to California for work. 

This was the first portrait I did in this style and pretty much the first rowhome I ever illustrated. This project led to many others for me and you can see the progression from this to Josh & Erik's portrait, to the Baltimore print, and then to the Greedy Reads tote design.

Created August, 2017
Line art: Ink & paper
Colors & Letters: Photoshop